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​Christopher Kenny (CEO) of Via Solar made a trip to the struggling and poverty stricken country of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.  The country of Haiti has been prone to large natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes for many years. This trip to Anse-a-Pire, Haiti, Via Solar donated time and resources to install a solar powered water pump/purification unit.  This unit is currently running and providing clean drinking water for 3000 people. 


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Presently working with the Cajun Navy  providing solar-mobile-hybrid-power to those                                                                                  impacted and suffering in Texas & Louisiana.

Via Solar in February 2016 dedicated time and resources in Gantheir, Haiti installing solar operations to power a school and water purification system.  Because of the Haitians strong desire to work, Via Solar also installed a industrial ice machine, powered by solar.  The sale of the ice is the beginnings of a fledgling business where people can work and provide for their families. 

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